Introduction to companionship

Living alone with no one to talk to can be distressing and could eventually have a long term effect on your social life. We can provide you with an individualised support package that can reduce the risk of you becoming socially isolated. Depending on the type of assistance needed we can provide a range of companionship service by visiting you in your own home for a coffee and a chat, or by assisting you to become involved with activities going on in the community.

What is included in this service?

With your help our assessment team will collect information based on your choices and preferences and work out a plan that best meet those requirements. We will also work with your loved ones and those who know you and who are accustomed with your needs.

You may wish to be accompanied to your hospital or Doctor’s appointment, clubs, day centres and may like to visit friends. You may wish to be accompanied and supported on personal clothes shopping trips, and need some help choosing and wrapping gifts for friends and families. You may just prefer a companion to sit with your loved one, giving you that quality time.

In order to stimulate awareness your carer will engage in meaningful communication with you, anything from talking about your extended family by looking at albums, the good times and historical events and even current affairs.

We can assist you with your religious and cultural needs by accompanying you or your loved one to places of worship of your choice and, should the case be, accompany you or your loved one to visit friends and family at the cemetery. Facing the death of a close friend or family member can be an upsetting time for everyone. Our compassionate staff will help you or your loved one to attend the funeral service to enable you to pay your respects.

If you prefer more indoor activities we can help you with puzzles, reading books, magazines, playing card games and board games or other games and hobbies of your choice.

As part of our service to empower you, our carer will help you with community integration by encouraging and accompany you to visit neighbours and friends for lunch, dinner or just socialising.

We can help you meet with local social groups, and groups with similar interests to socialise with, learn new skills and develop social networks. With such networks you may then have access to clubs theatres and concerts and even join your group for excursions and other places of interest you may want to visit.

We can offer you a befriending service by putting you in touch with other people with similar interests.