Self Funding

Self-funding is basically where you fund for the services yourself and the funds can come from different sources For example; your personal savings, money borrowed from friends and families or from your benefits.

Care and support services are means-tested and are not free to everyone. Most people have to pay something towards their own care and some will have to pay for all of the costs. Who pays depends on what your needs are, how much money you have, and what level and type of care and support you require.

Before you do anything, it’s well worth double-checking that you’re claiming all the state and other benefits you’re entitled to.  Make sure you’ve exhausted all the local authority and health authority funding options too.

Paying for either short-term or long-term care is a fact of life for many people, whether you choose to stay in your own home or not. Fortunately, there are benefits available to help you manage.

Here at CareMax we believe that care should be affordable for anyone who needs it and we have the best team to advise you on the various services you can choose from. We will discuss your existing benefits and savings with you in the strictest confidence and assist you in making informed choices.

Please also visit our page on Funding for more information.