How to Pay

How to pay
At Caremax we want you to feel comfortable with our fees and be able to discuss your payment options when you enquire about our services, however your payment options will be discussed and agreed with you during your assessment so that you pay exactly for agreed services.

Who pays?
Self funding
If you are paying for your own care and support services from your saving, personal income, direct payment, CareMax will invoice you or the person you have nominated to act on your behalf directly.

Local  Authority
If you opt for your local authority to completely take charge of your personal budget we will then invoice your local authority and you have nothing to worry about.

Immediate Need Annuity
If you have a care plan insurance to pay for your care and support needs we will invoice your insurance company who will normally pay us directly. We will assist you with the paperwork if you wish us to do so.

Please contact our friendly team for more information about our terms and conditions for payments.