Management Team

CareMax is a specialist provider that can support you with all aspects of care and support in the privacy of your own home. Staff are handpicked and vetted by our Senior Management Team offering the same quality care that we would expect for our own families.

Director; Bobby Dhami

Bobby has developed a range of management and operational skills over the past 20 years. He has spent several years working in the education industry, helping young people from all backgrounds, including disabilities and learning difficulties to gain qualifications and gain employment. He holds extensive operational experience within the educational sector, developing strategic plans within divisions, managing strategic operational improvements as well as managing business development teams and overseeing all aspects of operations to meet objectives and targets.

Bobby has worked closely with care providers in the Essex, Kent and London area over the past several years, where he has established their training needs and delivered courses that would up skill their staff, to enable them to deliver a high standard of care to their service users.

Bobby has been managing the services provided by CareMax since October 2014, which has led to the increase of the company turnover, while ensuring the services provided is up to a high standard at all times, he has been working closely with the service user’s and their families / advocates to be able to offer a person centred care service to all of CareMax clients.

Bobby holds a Management Diploma level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management, along with, an NVQ qualification in Advice & Guidance, and finance and accountancy qualifications, he is currently working towards his NVQ level 5 Health & Social Diploma qualification with the estimated completion date of November 2016.


Business Consultant; Raj Mohabeer

During his years as a nurse Raj has had experience working in different sectors, from main stream education institutions to different hospitals and community based placements, with different client groups of both children and adults.

He has experience in managing an acute unit and an assessment and treatment unit for people with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

During his training and work placements Raj has worked with different professionals and was involved in counseling parents with adults with learning disabilities, and has undertaken a variety of work under the umbrella of The Duchess of York Centre for psychotherapy and family therapy to help families and clients with problems.

As a community Nurse Raj has successfully worked with service users and their relatives to promote their health and independence and help them remain in their own home with their families.

Raj was previously a Director for a Domiciliary Care Company that offered a range of services for people with severe learning disabilities.

He is also experienced in devising and delivering care training packages including all mandatory trainings required by Skills for Care Standards in conjunction with Mulbery House.

Prior to this he worked as a Quality Assurance Officer where he helped other care homes meet the required standards.

Raj holds a level 1 Registered Nurse qualification for learning disabilities, and hold a diploma in Professional studies in Community Nursing (DPSN), and a qualification in Teaching and Assessing in Clinical practice and Train the Trainer Certificate.


HR and Recruitment Manager; Jozefina Fedicova

Jozefina started her career working in a general prosecutions office managing a team of administrators. She was managing all aspects of the office including, recruiting, staff performance, coordinating, monitoring budgets, payroll & accounts, health and safety, and compliance.

She has also worked as an Office manager for an education company where she was managing all areas of compliance, coordinating, monitoring and improving the overall office operations and HR related matters.

Jozefina enriched her experiences also as a quality and contract coordinator, where she was responsible for all aspects of quality improvements and ensuring an overall control on contractual requirements.

While working for healthcare organisation, Jozefina was overseeing and improving the quality assurance of social work placements, therapy work placements and locum placements.

Jozefina holds qualifications in Advice and Guidance Level 3, a master’s degree in Management of Civil Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Management of Civil Engineering.


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Supervisor; Sam Dhami

Sam has over 10 years of experience working within the Education sector, while working with children of all ages as well as supporting children with special educational needs, during this time Sam has undertaken various courses to be able to support and safeguard the children that she had supported.
Sam has been working for CareMax for over a year and during this time she has progressed from Senior Carer to Field Care Supervisor, while she is currently completing the QCF level 3 in Health and Social care. Sam has proven her abilities as a Field Care Supervisor by ensuring the highest possible levels of care are maintained for the clients while monitoring and supporting staff, as well as conducting initial assessments for new clients when needed.



Senior Carer; Jennifer Baker
Jennifer started as a carer for a family relative which made her realise that this is the career she would like to pursue. After one year of working with CareMax, Jennifer has progressed to the role of Senior Carer where she is now sharing her in depth knowledge and experiences, while giving guidance to new carers and supporting clients. Jennifer understands the importance and need for high quality care which she has been promoting while working with CareMax and she is currently undertaking her Health and Social care level 3 Diploma qualification. As a mother of two and a senior carer Jennifer is always willing to help within the local community as well as building up very good working relationships with both carers and clients and she finds the role of a senior carer very rewarding.


Business Development Manager; Sam Sandhu

Sam is an experienced sales professional who has worked with both local and international clients expanding relationships.

Starting from the recruitment industry Sam had developed new skills and experiences which would later help him to become a successful sales manager and to now heading up the business development department at CareMax Homecare Services. Sam has mastered each of the skills required in building and maintaining relationships with clients as well as offering a high level of customer service at all times.

Sam will always strive to achieve the highest standard possible and work closely with clients to find the best tailored fit package for them.